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Frame Of The World

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Image by Iva Hotko

Grabbing for the past
as grabbing for a thread of salvation.
With eyes wide open
to absorb the sight of fear
in front of the unknown.
It was better in the past,
things weren’t happening so fast,
everything was easier and we were happier.
Lies we tell ourselves are there
just to hide regrets
that are eating us alive from the inside out.
Longing for a time passed by,
for the person we once were
is a game of catching butterfly
while it flits from flower to flower.

The past, can we really leave it alone? Can we say — I won’t be thinking about it any more?

In some strange way, or not that strange at all, our past grew onto us and it’s not going away. We can try to accept it, learn from it and grow, but we won’t forget, we wont ever let it go. In time it gets easier, we don’t linger in the past so long as before, but it still hurts, it still stings and screams in the quite hours when we are alone.

What is it with humans that they get so attached, that they can’t let go, needing to possess all? It doesn’t matter what, just bring it on! If it’s something we can label, it’s good to go!

We developed psychology as a religion of understanding the human mind and heart combined in one, meaning human existence. We wrote manuals full of diagnoses and instructions for handling such cases, and where did it lead us? Into the existence where each person is inevitably falling under some alleged condition.

Asking questions, trying to understand, boxing up the world into what we think we know, and making it a scripture for the people down below. God complex, that is what it’s called, but then again humans have always subjected the world to their understanding of things and how they work. Creating a frame is what we’ve always done, the one we can feel safe in and explain all the things we don’t understand and fear.

Yes, science gives us certain security, a feeling we have something to rely on. But how do we know that what we know is actually real? How do we know that our understanding is right for we don’t have anything to compare it with? Different opinions yes, off course, questioning theses and so on, but it’s still our brain we are fighting here. Being human, means being weak, and in front of fear we always bow and kneel. What do we do when we have no explanation? We stick to old prejudices and beliefs, which, were made up, because of the fear of the unknown in the first place.

Just a thought that brought up another one, and another one, getting me tangled up in loops I can’t get out of. I’m angry with the frame of world we have made, I’m pissed, of all the ways we are using the understanding we have gained, to manipulate masses for the private goals of the minority. For that is what makes the world, we love so much, go round.
I’m angry to a point that I’m running away from it all, escaping to my own made up world, separating myself from all so called news. Why am I doing that? Am I so heartless to not want to shed a tear for those poor people that have nothing to eat? Am I so uninterested in what is happening in my own back yard? No! I am neither, I don’t mind the reality that we created, I just mind the feeling of helplessness it creates. I can give money every day for those hungry people and it wouldn’t make a difference, and they still wouldn’t be fed because somebody “bigger” is liking it that way. I can get informed about everything that is going on but it is eating me up. Seeing the amount of deliberate stupidity that people, on whose decisions our future depends, are getting away with. Simple, things are so simple, and yet people that are holding all the cards and running the game, make it sound so complicated. Money and power, it’s all that it is. Not the slightest care for human life and sensibility.
Humanity is something we like to call upon when running for office or trying to present our goals in a bright light. Lies, these are all lies. For if they did what they preached, the world would be a beautiful place to live in.

Past, we can’t just let it go. It always looks brighter and better compared to reality we are facing now. Why am I bringing it up again now? I totally went off track. What is the meaning, what am I trying to say? Are you lost here, because I know I am. I will try to put it in a few meaningful words.

The past is not only the time that we lived through and has passed since we started to breathe. The past is all the legacy of human existence and humanity. The past is all the knowledge, beliefs and prejudice, all the frames of the world that were ever built, and all the emotions that go with it. The past is what moulds us, and in a way, it’s our mother. Heritage of ages that we try to deny is an insuperable part of us. The past of one person, nation or even the world is the past of every and each one of us because we are all human. That is the common denominator of us all, being human and all that it holds.

Will we ever be able to really let it go, the past? So we can move on? Can we move on without it? I don’t think so. We need to know where we are coming from to make sure the world we are building can be a better one, of course if we ever get the chance to make it a better one on a global scale. Start with the small, people always say, but dream big. Dear people, it’s fucking frustrating I must say, to act small and dream big, when time is passing you by. For that reason alone, and for the fact that we can’t cope with the big frame of the world that we were pushed into, we are building our own little frames where we actually can make some difference. If we ever make enough money we can make it a big frame, but that is a fable for some other time.

I should finish with some deep and positive thought now, and I have a few in my mind, but no. No deep finishing words or insights that will make it all easier, because it would be just one more lie.

Every day we are balancing between our past, present and future. Every day we are trying to balance our needs with those of other people. Needs are different than wants, wants are a result of the frame of the world we are living in. It’s hard to keep balance because it’s more and more about the wants and less and less about the needs.

So here it goes, final words — Reach inside you and get to know your needs, they are the result of your past. Use it to grow and change into what you strive to be. No, you are not a bad person, I don’t care what you did. You are human and as such you are bound to sin. We did not choose this life, it didn’t come with the manual, it came with shit loads of past but no instructions for the future. You do hold the future in your hands, use your brain and listen to your heart. Yes, you do have one, you are not a heartless bastard. Build the frame of the world you can grow in but not in the way to hurt others, make it possible for them to grow as well.

Past and all its baggage,
future and all its worries,
it’s the present we should breadth
for all the rest are just stories.

~ Iva

Walking contradiction of sense and sensibility. Literature, art, philosophy, nature, hiking and photography 🦋

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