Image by Iva Hotko

Gliding through
the enchantments of life,
drunken and weary
from all the delight.
Stumbling through
the fables of stars
hoping that one day
they could be ours.

Full and ripe the taste of life
that drips from lips
like the sweetest wine.
With eyes wide open
we started to dream
striving to make it real.

With the first light of day
we laid on the bed of hay
covered by the dew
veiled with the scent of me and you. …



Image by Iva Hotko

There are threads of our lives
that are left loose
for others to bond.
Threads that mould us,
the ones that can destroy us,
in this game of chance
where we are left
to fight for our lives,
in a silent scream
with heart as our shield.
Shattered numerous times
glued back with tears and blood
to defy faith and lies.

It’s hard,
no one said it was easy,
to weave the threads
and write destiny.
Better we, than others,
to decide our fate for us.
Weaved with skill
or by pure chance,
our life is the tapestry we make.


Thoughts on the choices we make … no matter what, love yourself

Image by Iva Hoko

Dawn in a haze of long lost love affair,
was it affection or by passion masked despair
grabbing to a pillar that wasn’t actually there?

We are all made in a different way,
some dream of a threesome
while others long a monogamous fairytale.

Wrong or right,
false or true,
who is to tell us
what are we to do?

No matter what you choose,
you will choose wrong
for there will always be someone
who will judge what you chose.

People want the world in black and white,
they need to justify their own devious acts. …

Iva Hotko

Walking contradiction of sense and sensibility. Literature, art, philosophy, nature, hiking and photography 🦋

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