Prose Poetry

Screen vs. The real world & trip home.

Image by Iva Hotko

My body is acting out of instinct.
Feet are carrying me by themselves,
I feel like I’m floating.
Everything around me seems unreal,
the warmth of the sun on my skin,
blinding reflection of sunlight all around me.
A rush of breeze brings me to reality,
as cold caresses my cheek.
I’m taking the phone out,
quickly checking for a sign of little red dots,
scrolling down then up, deciding where I will start.

It’s a beautiful sunny day, I caught that much with the corner of my eye, but here and now I’m actually stealing time. Time that I…

Prose poetry

24 March 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem: the weight of ink

Image by Chris Evans

As it falls on paper
it creates magic,
trace read out loud
becomes alive.
The ink.

Black, blue or red - these are the colours I have before my eyes as I turn the thought of ink around in my mind and in my heart. Can I feel it, the weight of ink? Letters put on paper come to mind - curved or angled, pointy or soft. Words that sting or caress the soul. …

Iva Hotko

Walking contradiction of sense and sensibility. Literature, art, philosophy, nature, hiking and photography 🦋

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